The idea of backup generators for residential homes may have been previously viewed as a luxury, but increasingly intense Florida weather has made this useful tool a necessity. How do you know if you need a backup generator for your home during hurricane season? The experts at Suncoast Power Solutions have all the answers you’re looking for.


Facing Hurricanes In Florida

If you live in Florida, you’re probably no stranger to hurricanes. They quite literally come and go, and oftentimes they like to cause some damage during their visit. As a more recent example, Hurricane Ian had made itself known to Floridians with treacherous floods and high winds of around 150 miles per hour. In these harsh conditions, it’s common for power lines and energy-related facilities to lose their integrity and cause power outages. In the midst of natural chaos, these outages can last for days. It goes without saying that going without electricity for such long periods of time is something that no one wants to deal with.


When Generators Become a Necessity

At what point does a generator become an absolute necessity? While it’s technically possible for people to live without power, there are some instances where being without electricity can hinder your livelihood. A major example of this is the need to run important medical equipment. If you or a loved one relies on at-home equipment such as one that regulates oxygen levels, a prolonged power outage can be extremely concerning. Those who make a living working from home can take a hit on their income if they are unable to use their computer. And of course, many households may have an abundance of food in their fridge or freezer that can be at risk of spoiling. When you put things into perspective, many homes have something significant in their lives that require consistent energy.


The Best Kind of Generator for Hurricanes

Are you one of the many Florida residents that view electricity as an absolute necessity? Then you will definitely need a generator handy in case the unpredictable (yet inevitable) strikes. However, you may have noticed after some light research that there are different types of generators available. But which kind is best for Florida hurricanes?


Meet the Backup Generator

If you haven’t heard of it already, backup power generators are a more permanent solution in responding to outages since they are connected directly to your home’s system and they actively use existing fuel sources. They are designed to automatically turn on in a matter of seconds once the power goes out and they can continuously last as long as two weeks. That’s sure to get you through even the toughest storms!


What About Portable Generators?

Portable power generators are good for certain things like powering equipment while out camping or having a mini backup source of power in an apartment, but they’re not ideal for residential homes during a hurricane. It may be difficult to get it running while dealing with harsh weather conditions and they don’t last nearly as long.


The Most Reliable Backup Generator Company in Florida

Need a back generator for your Florida home? Don’t wait for the next hurricane to happen! Give Suncoast Power Solutions a call as soon as you can so your new generator will be ready to go well before disaster strikes. We carry Generac generators which have been proven to keep homes running and families comfortable no matter what. Give us a call today for a free quote!