A power generator is meant to be there when you need it, so it can be disconcerting when it refuses to start at the most crucial times. You can sit in the dark and wait out the power outage, but it can be difficult to stay still when you feel like there are things you can do to help your situation. The professionals at Suncoast Power Solutions are here to guide you through things you can do if your generator won’t start.


Common Reasons Why Your Generator Won’t Start


Before making an attempt to fix the problem, you must first understand the reasons why your generator might not be starting in the first place. Standby generators come with so many components that there could be a handful of parts responsible for the system not working.


Low Fluid Levels

Many generators have a sensor to detect low fuel or oil levels. If either of these fluids reaches that point, then your generator may have a safety measure in place that prevents any start-up attempts in response.


Faulty Battery

It makes sense that a busted battery would keep your generator from working, but there are a couple of ways that this can happen. If you’re lucky, the battery could have just lost its connection to a power source. Worst case, the battery itself may be broken and will need to be replaced.


Dirty Spark Plugs

If the spark plugs get too dirty or become faulty, then they won’t be able to properly start up the ignition system. It’s funny to think how such small parts can cause an ordeal of inconvenience!


Clogged Air Filters

Like with any piece of machinery that takes air filters, having filters that are too dirty and clogged up can reduce proper airflow and prevent your generator from working how it should.


Steps You Can Take In The Moment


Now that you understand what parts may be responsible for your generator not working, you may be tempted to do your own inspection to find the root of the problem. We can’t stress enough that you should only try this if you can perform the task safely. If the weather is too intense, or if you feel uncomfortable touching anything through a lack of knowledge about generators, then we highly advise that you call our team of professionals instead. But if you feel so inclined and if you can do it safely, then you can try these steps to either solve the issue or communicate any information you find to your local specialists:

● Check your fluid levels

● Make sure that your battery is connected

● Change out the air filter

● Take a look at the spark plugs

● Reset the power to your generator


Ways To Prevent Faulty Power Generators In The Future


In hindsight, you shouldn’t have to deal with any of these issues as long as you are proactive with proper maintenance and seeking professionals who are skilled in installing top-grade standby generators followed by regular inspections and upkeep. But where can you find power generator specialists near you who care about the constant working status of your standby generator?


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