Before you invest in a standby generator, you might be wondering how long it will last you and if it’s worth the investment. In Florida where frequent outages can happen due to regular storms and hurricanes, making sure you choose the right kind of power supply is important for your quality of life and your wallet. The professionals at Suncoast Power Solutions will teach you the lifespan of a standby generator and how you can get your money’s worth with proper care.


Forget Portable Batteries, Get More Out Of A Standby Generator!


Many people purchase portable generators because they’re cheaper and can be stored away when not in use. But as you can imagine, these small batteries don’t last nearly as long as a permanent standby generator. Portable generators aren’t meant to be used for prolonged use anyway, let alone for an entire building. Standby generators are by far the best choice for keeping your property powered for a longer period of time, but for how long, exactly? For reliable power and many hours of use, Generac generators are among the best available.


For Long-Lasting And Reliable Standby Power, Go With Generac


Generac generators are one of the most reliable standby generators on the market with a high lifespan and increased continuous run time. On average, a Generac generator is capable of running for up to 500 hours nonstop. That’s just under 2 whole weeks of power without any interruptions, or roughly 500 hours to be more precise. This alone is what makes Generac especially useful in places like Florida where there’s always a chance of long and debilitating

power outages. As for overall lifespan, the average Generac generator can support up to 3,000 hours in total. When considering how often and for how long it will be used, these state-of-the-art generators can support your property for up to 30 years or longer.


All Generac owners have access to 24-hour support 7 days a week throughout the entire year when they buy their standby generator from certified companies like Suncoast Power Solutions!


Getting The Most Out Of Your Generac Generator


If you want your Generac generator to have the best possible lifespan and with a hassle-free experience when you need it, it’s important to take proper care of it. Standby generators require regular inspections and occasional maintenance to keep them running in top shape, and Suncoast Power Solutions makes it easy to do just that. Call us anytime for inspections and maintenance for reliable power and to get your money’s worth with long-lasting results. You can also ask us to help set up your smartphone app for easy monitoring of your Generac system.


Finding Certified Generac Technicians Near You


For the best Generac experience and an incredible lifespan for your standby generator, call Suncoast Power Solutions today to speak with one of our specialists about getting one installed on your property. Our certified technicians are among the best in the area for bringing you safe and reliable power when you need it.