If you’re not familiar with power generators, it can be overwhelming to learn about the different types that are out there and which one would be best suited to your needs. Now you can skip the hours of personal research and leave it up to the professionals at Suncoast Power Solutions!


Portable Generators

A portable generator tends to be everyone’s first choice when looking for alternative power sources since they’re small and cheap. These are an excellent choice for powering tools and small appliances since they can easily be carried around to places where a hefty power source isn’t readily available such as a camping site or out on an open field. Portable generators can be run on gas, propane, and even solar power for plenty of versatility. Although they have many benefits to offer, they aren’t so practical during emergencies. When the situation becomes dire, you’ll need something much more powerful.


Home Standby Generators

More impressive than their portable counterpart, home standby generators are designed to work on a much larger scale. They are typically hooked up to existing fuel lines for maximum capacity and seamless functionality. Good-quality generators such as those by Generac Power Systems have been made to turn on automatically in response to a power outage. As you can imagine, this feature is especially useful in environments that experience frequent storms such as those throughout Florida. Your entire home can be kept running on a standby generator for hours on end with minimal hiccups. Plus, they are installed outdoors so you won’t have to listen to it reverberating from within the comfort of the inside of your house.


Solar-Powered Generators

With nearly everything becoming all-electric these past few years and many companies promising a future with lower emissions, solar-powered generators are becoming more and more popular by the day. Anyone can recognize the benefits that the concept of solar power has to offer, so the idea of a backup generator that can be charged by nothing but the sun itself sounds like a dream come true. Lucky for you, products like this exist if you know where to look. Anything solar-powered may come at a slightly higher price on the surface, but this is something that pays for itself in time when you start racking up the savings on energy bills. Solar-powered generators are also low-maintenance since they don’t rely on fuel lines or other sources of power.


Let Suncoast Power Solutions Hook You Up!

It’s really hard to go wrong with having a generator on hand. At Suncoast Power Solutions, we provide the best that Generac has to offer. We carry both portable and home standby generators and we’re qualified in handling solar-powered panels and other equipment to make your home entirely eco-friendly. Aside from solar-powered backup generators, we can also provide you with the means of collecting solar energy into a storage bank to use whenever you need it. Talk about convenience! Give us a call today to learn more about our products and receive an estimate.