In a place like Florida where strong storms batter both coasts throughout the year, can you really live without a standby generator? A standby generator is an essential feature for any Florida home, given the state’s track record for heat, humidity and active storm seasons. Standby generators kick in automatically whenever the traditional power grid fails, providing reliable electricity to your home and minimizing disruptions to your daily life. Here are the top five reasons why Floridians should purchase a standby generator for their homes.


Keep air conditioning systems running

Florida storms tend to hit during the hot and humid months of the year. If you’re hit by a hurricane or other strong storm during the summer, things can get very hot and steamy if you can’t power your air conditioning system. When you invest in a reliable standby generator, you’ll never have to worry about sweating things out both during and after a storm. You’ll be able to maintain a comfortable air temperature in your home while the storm is raging and during the days after the storm as others wait for the power grid to be restored.


Ensure your safety and security

A home with no power can be an attractive target for thieves or other bad actors. No power means no lights, and thieves understand that means security systems aren’t functioning either. Protect your home and your family by investing in a standby generator to make sure your security mechanisms like lights, cameras and alarms are always fully functional.


Power essential medical devices

If you or anyone else in your household rely on life-saving medical equipment, consistent access to electricity is essential. Standby generators offer the power you need to keep your equipment running with minimal interruption. Most high-quality models provide reliable power in just a matter of seconds after the connection to the main grid has been lost.


Support the work-from-home lifestyle

If you’re a Floridian who works from home, whether on a part-time or full-time basis, investing in a standby generator is essential. Business doesn’t stop just because a storm comes through, and the last thing you want to miss is an important call or message. 


Standby generators keep communication going, powering home phones, mobile phones, computers, internet services and more. You’ll always be able to maintain a connection to the outside world, which is also important when it comes to informing family and friends that you’re safe in the event of a storm. 


Preserve food

If you invest in a standby generator, it kicks in as soon as the power goes out. Your refrigerator and freezer will keep running, preserving both fresh and frozen foods. Before every major storm in Florida, there’s always a run on food and other essentials at the grocery stores. Not only will stores close for the storm, but it could also take some time for them to restock. Your standby generator will preserve your food, so you won’t have to worry about running low both during and after a storm. This also means a generator will save you money in potential lost groceries.



Standby generators have never been more affordable or more efficient, and no matter where you live in Florida, you really can’t do without one. From powering your air conditioner to preserving the food you have in your refrigerator and freezer, standby generators help you weather any storm in comfort and security. Ready to invest in long-term peace of mind with a quality standby generator? Call the experts at Tampa generator company Suncoast Power Solutions today at (813) 829-0037 and we’ll answer any questions you may have.