If you own a Generac generator, the good news is you only need to maintain it about once a
year. But what kind of service does it need, and what is the best way to go about it? Your
friends at Suncoast Power Solutions, Tampa’s trusted Generac dealer, are here to teach you all
about maintaining your Generac generator to keep it in top shape.

Types of Generac Generator Maintenance

Like with anything that runs on gas or electricity, you need to properly and regularly service
your Generac generator to make sure it lasts as long as it can and to avoid any potential issues
later on.

Motor Oil Renewal
Oil changes aren’t just for cars. Generac generators run on oil which can get dirty and become
less effective. When the oil can no longer do its job, it can end up ruining the parts within your
generator. Even though you should change your oil yearly regardless, you’ll know that your oil
needs to be replaced if it’s running low or showing a dark tint.

Air Filter Change
Similar to the air conditioner in your home, the air filter in your Generac generator will get dirty
in time as it continues to catch any dirt and debris trying to make its way inside. When the filter
becomes too dirty and can no longer support proper airflow, your generator can overwork itself
and break.

Spark Plug Replacement
Although not as common for maintenance, spark plugs can become corroded over time which
directly impacts the engine. If you notice your engine idling or if you hear it misfire, you may
want to look into getting a new set of spark plugs.

What Happens When You Neglect to Perform Maintenance?

You may be tempted to avoid having maintenance done on your generator if it appears to be
working just fine without it. However, internal problems are not always apparent and could
cost you more once the damages inevitably happen. If you don’t get your Generac generator
checked and serviced, it could lead to:

● A shorter lifespan for your generator
● Voiding your generator’s warranty
● Expensive replacement parts
● High service bills

Tips for Performing Generac Generator Maintenance

Performing routine maintenance on your Generac generator is possible, but it could be a
tiresome and tedious process. If you attempt to service your generator yourself, at least keep
these tips in mind:

1. Run your generator for an entire minute on cool-down before performing maintenance
2. Cut off power to the circuit breaker and remove the fuse for added safety
3. Wipe away any excess oil after completing an oil change
4. Make sure that children and pets are not nearby throughout the entirety of the

Let Suncoast Power Solutions Take Care of It for You!

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