Getting a backup generator installed is like making the smartest investment of your life because it can help you save money in so many ways. If you total up the savings, you’ll find that your backup generator actually pays for itself! Suncoast Power Solutions is here to show you exactly how owning a backup generator can save you money.


Prevent Wasting Money on Spoiled Groceries

If your home is out of power for too long, everything in your fridge can spoil to the point of no return. You’ll end up having to toss every bit of food that could have lasted you the next week or so. And of course, you’ll be spending even more on replacing that food once everything is back to normal. With inflation being a consistent issue, each substantial trip to the grocery store can come close to the cost of a single car payment. Since backup generators work instantly to bring power back to your home, your fridge can continue to run and keep your perishables safe.


Avoid the Cost of Hotel Stays

During the intense heat of summer or the unbearably cold breeze of winter, trying to stay in your unpowered home can seem practically impossible. You may be tempted to stay in a comfortable hotel until your electricity is restored, but that can cost you as much as $200 a night for who knows how long. You can save hundreds, or even thousands, by avoiding a small hotel getaway by keeping your power running with a backup generator.


Get Lower Insurance Rates

Blackouts are when robbers love to strike because your home is the most vulnerable during this time. By keeping the lights on in your home with the help of a backup generator, you can easily deter thieves from even attempting a break-in which will lower your insurance rate. Many insurance providers recognize this benefit and will gladly offer you a lower rate because they know that your home is less likely to suffer such casualties.


Cash In On Your Investment

Because backup generators are incredibly useful and provide priceless comfort and safety for you and your family, having one installed will no doubt increase your property value. Any potential buyer would be happy to experience unhindered power during the toughest of times which means they’ll have no issues paying a bit extra for that luxury. In fact, many people who have sold their home with a backup generator installed have claimed to have made back half the cost just from the increase in property value.


Get Your Very Own Backup Generator With Suncoast Power Solutions!

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